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How to archive your audio CDs in 100% quality

Here's how to archive your audio CDs (CDDAs) in full lossless 100% quality using MP3 Stream Editor:
  • Insert your audio CD in the drive.
  • Bring in the audio CD ripper in MP3 Stream Editor (6th icon from the left).
  • Select the drive with the upper-left drop-down box.
  • In the "File name" edit enter a file name for the ripped audio file.
  • In the "Encoding options" select a Flac format. This will result a 100% quality ripp of the audio CD.
  • Put a check beside "Album mode (one file with Subsong system)" if you want a single file, or uncheck it if you want to ripp each track to a saparate file.
  • Click "CD Info/Tags", then in the CDDB window click "Query" to get the audio CD artist/track information if it is available.
  • Click "Use".
  • In the "Save to:" edit, enter the folder where you want the ripped files stored.
  • Click "Ripp". After a while MP3 Stream Editor will copy the audio CD tracks to your hard drive in original 100% quality.

    Here's how to write back the ripped audio tracks to an audio CD without quality loss (you need Ahead Nero installed and configured):
  • Add the files you want to write to an audio CD to the Stream List.
  • Double-click on the "Nero Burn CD/DVD" plugin
  • Select the files you want burned with Shift/Ctrl + mouse click (the audio CD compilation total time will be shown on the Nero Burn CD/DVD plugin, if it turns to red the tracks won't fit on the CD). Be careful not to select the root stream if you are using a single file with Subsong system!
  • Click the upper CD icon on the Nero Burn CD/DVD plugin to write the ripped tracks back to an audio CD.
    This way you get back your original audio CD in without any quality loss.