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MP3 Stream Editor Extended B4S overview

MP3SE Extended .b4s is the Winamp's .b4s format except that it has got some extra fields for the playlist entries. Let's get over it in the first place. You can load MP3SE Extended B4S into Winamp, and surely MP3SE reads Winamp generated B4Ss too, but you can't read back if you open it in Winamp and re-save it. This won't work. Save a different filename in normal B4S and use that in Winamp. Winamp doesn't treat the file as plain XML document, as it should. MP3 Stream Editor doesn't do it either but that's another question. :) (It may in the future.)

Identification of the MP3SE Extended B4S is the 3rd (comment) line:
<!-- Generated by: MP3 Stream Editor x.x.x.x -->
or by the extended fields.

There are three kinds of entries:

File (network or local):
<entry Playstring="file:C:\AUDIO\BobMarley\Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers - Lively Up Yourself.mp3">
<entry Playstring="file:\\3delite\AUDIO\BobMarley\Bob Marley &amp; The Wailers - Lively Up Yourself.mp3">
(Note the & character is encoded as &amp;)

URL (internet stream):
<entry Playstring="http://media.dream.hu:18000">

<entry Playstring="subsong:.779220@C:\AUDIO\Cyphonic - Reversing reality part one - 2004-promo live set.mp3">
(Note that the stream from where the Subsong is is also needed on the list but it's position is not fixed.)

The usual <Name> field is NOT used in MP3 Stream Editor when opening an Extended B4S. The separate <Artist> <Title> <Album> fields are used instead. The other fields are only for instant info display on the StreamList:
<Length>: Playtime
<Genre>: Genre
<BitRate>: BitRate
<SEFC>: MPEG frame count or pseudo frames if it was an MPEG
<Track>: ID3 Track info
<AVF>: Average Frame Size for comparing compression/file format efficiency
<Playcount>: ID3 Playcount info
<Source> Important! Entry type identification will be omitted for faster loading and is depending on this field. The above info are only cache but proper Source info is mandatory.

The text fields are all UTF8 encoded: Filename, Name, Artist, Title and Album.