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How to cast music with MP3 Stream Editor?

With MP3 Stream Editor's output casting functionality you can cast music on internet (run your internet radio station) or cast music in your home, through LAN, between rooms or locations.
Everything that you hear from the program's audio output will be casted and can be connected to to listen to it.
Two basic modes are supported: cast to SHOUTcast and Icecast server, or use MP3 Stream Editor's built-in cast server.
Casting to SHOUTcast and Icecast requires a server connected to the internet, running SHOUTcast/Icecast, with a very high bandwith if many listeners need to be served. MP3 Stream Editor will send the output the SHOUTcast/Icecast server and the server will cast the audio to the listeners.
Using MP3 Stream Editor's built-in cast server is more suitable for home use or for use with a few clients. The more listeners are connected the more bandwith is needed. The built-in server has more functions though than SHOUTcast/Icecast mode. If information cast server is enabled currently playing song info (meta data) is casted also for every song. This basically means cover art, artist, title, involved people, musicians etc. basically everything will be casted specified in the song's tag. Additionally there is an option to download currently playing song by the connected clients and there is a simple chat function available also with the built-in cast server.

Setting up

To bring up the settings window select menu:"Window/Output Casting Server Settings...".
First the stream format needs to be specified, you can choose a format, an encoder, and set the audio data format. For multi-channel audio Ogg Vorbis, AAC or Opus Audio Codec needs to be selected as MP3 supports only stereo.
Then you need to decide which method to use, SHOUTcast/Icecast or built-in server mode. If you choose SHOUTcast/Icecast checkmark the "Enable cast mode" checkbox.
Set your options: Name, URL, description specify the bit rate, note that specifying the bit rate does not affect the encoder, set this value to the bit rate you set for the encoder, and specify the server options.
If you choose the built-in server be sure to un-checkmark the "Enable cast mode" checkbox.
Select "All IPs" to accept connections on all IP addresses on the computer MP3 Stream Editor is running on or select a single IP to accept connections on only a specific IP. Setting a specific IP is a good choice for home use when you only want to cast on the local area network and not to the internet.
Select a port that is unused and set the maximum connections allowed to this server. If you decide to cast status information also (cover art, meta data) and allow chatting and song download then checkmark the "Cast status information" checkbox and on selected port + 1 an information server will be started, so select a port that is port + 1 is unused also. To access status information (and chat and song download) specify the log-in credentials. These credentials needs to be specified when opening an URL with MP3 Stream Editor. Note that the "Nick name" can be anything you like, it is used as a display name when chatting for example and also when downloading.
Again setting bit rate is for informational use, set it to the same value as you set the encoder.
After you are finsihed with the settings at the bottom of the window you can select with the mouse and copy/paste the URL that you can use with menu:"File/Open URL..." to connect to this server.

Starting the cast

To start casting click on the ("Mixer" panel) "Start/stop output casting" icon on the upper-right corner below the pause button and if erveryting goes fine the server will start and the button will stay pushed.
To stop the cast click the icon again.

Chatting and downloading currently playing song

On the client side to chat right click on the item in the stream list and select "Chat..." to chat with all the connected listeners.
To download the song that is currently playing, bring up the menu again and select "Download Currently Playing Song...". The download window will pop-up which you can bring up with the menu item: "Downloads... ".
On the server side these informational windows can be brought up with the main menu items: "Windows/Output Casting Server Chat..." and "Output Casting Server Downloads..." to display the downloads from this server.


For a successfull conection the firewall needs to allow connections for the selected port (and if using the information cast server, port + 1 also).

If the computer, that is used for casting, is behind a router and you want to connect to it from the internet, the router needs to be configured to forward the selected port (and if using the information cast server, port + 1 also) and you have to use the router's IP address when connecting to the casting server. Your internet IP address can be identified for example here: http://www.whatismyip.com

For home use if you want to remotely control MP3 Stream Editor a VNC server/client can be usefull.