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Quick guide to enhancing music quality

When enhancing sound it is achieved by applying DSP effects to the sound stream. DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing and a DSP algorythm transforms the input audio data to produce effects on the heard sound.
For the DSP to get the maximum out of the sound, the more precisely it can alter the sound the better the result. Also when applying many DSPs the output audio data stream can fall off the audio cards output range and can result clipping (distorted overamplified sound).
After applying DSPs it is a good idea to normalize (convert back to the sound card's output range) the audio data before outputting it to the speakers.

Here's a quick howto for MP3 Stream Editor on how to enhance your music experience:

First in Settings/Audio checkmark "32bit". This way all the processing is done in 32bit mode, even for files which are less eg. 16bit only.
Set "Sampling rate" to your audio card's maximum value. Up to date audio cards support 192 000 Hz sampling rate. This way all mixing functions will be performed in at maximum quality. Note that MP3s are usually 44 100Hz so mixing and outputting 2 MP3s together for example when cross-fading will benefit from this.
Unselect the Stream List (click on an empty slot to select no stream) and order the plugins by dragging and dropping them to have the following order (from top to bottom):
Enhancer v0.17
BassFX Equalizer
Normalize Volume
Plugins are always assigned in the top first order.
Set up the plugins to match your desire and checkmark them. The audiable sound will be enhanced.

Enhancer, although a 16bit DSP plugin only, will, as the name suggests, enhance the sound.
Equalizer will enhance the specified frequencies and Normalize Volume will normalize the resulting sound to maximize it to the sound card's maximum output range.

Please send bug reports, suggestions, comments to: 3delite@3delite.hu. Or check the forums!