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How to remote control MP3 Stream Editor cast server with the Android client application

MP3 Stream Editor can be remote controlled with the MP3 Stream Editor Android Clent application.
For example if there's WiFi access in your home it's possible to use the Android client as a remote controller for MP3 Stream Editor while listening to music with MP3 Stream Editor.
This tutorial explains how to configure the server and the Android client for this task.

Setting up

Connecting to the cast server with the Android client

Start the playback (within mixer control) in MP3 Stream Editor.
Start the Android client application and click on the 'Connect' button. Fill the server field with the value from MP3 Stream Editor's casting settings window ("Menu:Window/Output Casting Server Settings..." - you can find the server URL at the bottom of the window), for example: ''.
Click on the 'Connect' button. If connection is successfull, and you enabled the information cast server in MP3 Stream Editor, a login query will pop-up. Enter here the login credentials you specified in MP3 Stream Editor (make sure you have a login with 'cast control' right).
If everything goes fine and the connection succeeds the currently playing song information will appear.
Now you can bookmark this connection so you don't have to make these steps again: bring up the menu with the default Android 'menu' button on your Android device and select 'Add this URL to bookmarks'. Enter a name for the bookmark and click 'OK'.
Now you can control the playback with the 'Cast control' buttons, view detailed information of the currently playing song, download currently playing song to your device or browse the songs in you library and download them.

Loading a previous bookmark

If MP3 Stream Editor is running and casting already, start the Android client application, tap on 'Connect', then use the Android device's 'menu' button to pop-up the menu and select 'View bookmarks'. Tap on the previously saved bookmark and then select 'Listen to this cast'. Click 'Connect' to connect to the cast server, login credentials will be automatically loaded that were specified when saving the bookmark.